5 Tips on Creating Better Instagram Content and Avoiding Algorithm Restrictions

Apr 03, 2016 1941
Published in Technology

People on Instagram started losing their minds about the possibility of the soon to be released algorithm restricting their audience reach. 

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But: Instagram doesn’t have brand pages, which means they can’t treat brand content different to that of individual users the way Facebook does. 


As such, Instagram’s algorithm is going to be focused on giving each person more of what they want, whether that’s from brands or from their friends.


If your content is resonating, if your audience is engaging with your posts, if you’re delivering what your Instagram followers want to see, then you likely don’t have anything to fear from the coming algorithm. If you’re not, you need to up your game.


Simple, right? Just be better. Just do good stuff.



1. Share your personality:


Screen Shot 2016 04 03 at 15.12.15




2. Explore Your Passion:



What immediately grabs you about a product? What does it immediately make you think and feel? What stands out to you when you look at a scene? That could be a good place to start in thinking about how to present it in visual form.


Screen Shot 2016 04 03 at 15.13.09



3. Make People Stop Scrolling


Screen Shot 2016 04 03 at 15.13.31


4. Create Striking, Stand-Out Content:


High quality images are definitely important on Instagram, producing image content that looks great, that has an attention to detail that people can feel. But in composing quality images, why not also look to try something new and different, try to stand out with colors and effects that grab attention. 


Screen Shot 2016 04 03 at 15.14.16


5. Do Something That Hasn’t Been Done Before:


Creative ideas like interactive games on Instagram where posts are linked through tags - different use-cases like that can generate engagement in a way that others might not have considered, and make your presence stand out as a result. Maybe there are other ways you can expand your thinking about how you use your Instagram posts to connect with your audience, beyond the platform itself.


Screen Shot 2016 04 03 at 15.22.39

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